A Full Moon Picture from the Space Station shows a Frozen Earth

Looks like NASA’S Astronauts are enjoying the Winter Season from above the Earth around 250 miles up in space. The picture revealed by NASA shows the Full Moon over an Ice-covered planet just like shown in the Star Wars films. The picture was taken when the Space Station were flying to the Northern Canada. The glowing face of the Moon and the frozen coastline of the Manitoba, a Canadian Province were seen in the revealed picture.

NASA said: “An astronaut took this photograph of a Full Moon rising over a frigid Hudson Bay in northern Canada. Looking north from the International Space Station, Earth’s horizon gradually fades into the darkness of polar night. The winter scene reveals icy shorelines and frozen landscapes under thin, wrinkled clouds.”


Canada is enjoying an extreme winter in this season and especially in December in which the Canada receives one to two hours of sunlight. The ice began to surround the Hudson Bay in the start of October.

NASA said: “This photo, taken around 1pm local time, shows just how little sunlight reaches northern Canada during a winter day. Once frozen, Hudson Bay becomes a key habitat for migrating polar bears, which spend much of their time on the ice until it starts to melt again around June.”