Amazon Becomes the Google Trend Again as It Fires Employees

Amazon becomes the Google Trend again as it threatens workers to stop discussing about company’s policy about Climate change publicly if they do not want to lose their job.

Amazon employees accused Amazon in a Press release to use intimidate tactics and threatening them for discussing climate change company’s policy in social media. One of the employee said that the company warned her with termination due to her comments.

“This is not the time to shoot the messengers and silence them for speaking out” said by Maren Costa in a Press Release.

This is not the first Amazon did something fishy like this one. On October 10, Amazon was criticized for a post that was published in the Washington Post and asking “Profit margin in businesses that are contributing to the climate catastrophe.” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was the one who post it.

Contrary to this, Amazon said the company is making its public-comment policies friendlier for their employees but the reality is far different. Amazon Spokesperson said in an email,” We recently updated our policies so that our employees participate in external activities such as speeches and media interviews without any hesitation. The employee will receive a warning from the HR Team if anyone does not follow the company’s rule.

Following this, about 8700 employees have signed a petition urging Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, to change these unethical policies and more than 1000 workers walked out as part of the Global Climate Strike.