Armed Robber Shot Dead by California Clerk as He Tried to Rob him Inside a Shop

California, a western U.S. state, sees one more death and this time was an armed robber who tried to steal the thing from the shop and was gunned down by a clerk. The incident took plant at around 11 p.m at Kam’s Market near Port Chicago Highway. The gun shot was heard nearby which terrified the people. The police are searching for a clerk who disappears after shooting a robber.

A video was released that was captured in CCTV footage clearly shows the robbery in which the robber said to the owner

‘Give me everything’.

The robber attacked the clerk with a pistol and forced him to stay on ground while keep stealing money. When the robber was filling his bag with the stolen money and about to leave, the clerk got up from the ground and snatched the pistol from the robber’s hand. The fight continues for quite time which ended in killing of one of the robber by the clerk while the other robber runs away from the scene. As per police, the clerk will be charged with alleged murder. Remaining details have not yet been revealed by the Authorities so far regarding the murder case.