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What is Auto CAD?

AutoCAD is a commercial computer Aided Design (CAD) software application, Developed & Marketed by Autodesk. AutoCAD was first released in December 1989 as a desktop App. Running on Micro Computer with Internal graphic controller.

AutoCAD is a 2D Drafting Software in which we design any 2D views of any component or structure with definite size, shape and accuracy. In every Mechanical Industry, it is required to draw a 2D views in sheet for manufacturing a component. So, AutoCAD may provide the basic 2D tools and also some 3D tools.

How many types of CAD are there?

  •  There are five types of CAD drawing
  •  2D CAD (flat drawings of product)
  •  2.5D CAD (Prismatic models)
  • 3D CAD (3D objects)
  • 3D wireframe and surface modeling (skeleton like inner structure)
  • Solid modeling (solid geometry)

What is AutoCAD Used For?

AutoCAD can create any 2D drawing and 3D model or construction that can be drawn by hand. The program also allows the user to group or layer objects, keep objects in a database for future use, and manipulate properties of objects, such as size, shape, and location.

AutoCAD has numerous applications in a wide range of fields. The program can be used for simple projects, such as graphs or presentations, or complex designs, like drawing up the architecture of a building. Some other practical applications may include:

  • Interior designs
  • Aeronautical designs
  • Logos
  • Fine art
  • Maps
  • Greeting cards
  • Engineering designs
  • Architectural design

Benefits of AUTOCAD:

It has the ability to produce very accurate designs. Drawings can be created in 2D or 3D and rotated. Other computer programmes can be linked to the design software.

AutoCAD as an architectural planning tool: It enables architects to design, plan, execute and analyze the strength of a building, at design stage level.

AutoCAD as an engineering drafting tool: It helps engineers to design, analyze and solve design issues resulting in accurate designs.

In 3D printing: A 3D print has its own advantages for designers and for this software helps them. The designs can be exported to various preferred formats.

AutoCAD in the fashion industry: It has the tools necessary for planning designs for the manufacture of jewelry, toys and other delicate objects.

AutoCAD as industrial design tool: It helps to reduce manufacturing costs as it saves time and efforts required for manual designing.

What do AutoCAD jobs pay?

Salaries for AutoCAD drafters and related positions by experience, specialty, industry & AutoCAD certification:

AutoCAD Drafter: $44,000.

AutoCAD Designer: $51,000.

AutoCAD Certified Associate: $52,000.

AutoCAD Mechanical Designer: $62,000.

AutoCAD Civil 3D Drafter: $63,000.

AutoCAD Landscape Designer: $64,000


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