BIOGAS ~ a Garbage TURNED Profit

Starting in March 2020, all of the garbage trucks in Toronto will be powered by the biogas produced from the very trash they collect. Not only this, the UK’s first commercial scale Bio-Substitute Natural Gas (BioSNG) which is being developed by Progressive Energy, will generate renewable gas from up to 175,000 tonnes of organic waste.

So, why people and governments are so interested in BioGas?

Is it cheap, ecofriendly or both?

Let’s check it from the environmental point of view. The production of Biogas is totally safe and ecofriendly.  Produced from a waste that is readily available and almost for free, Biogas is really a best alternative to fuel ~ not only expensive but its extraction requires fracking which is tied to contaminated groundwater and earthquakes. On the other hand, Biogas gas needs free raw material, mixing tank, digester and the storage tank for its formation. This way, you are developing a facility that provides a permanent solution for dumping your garbage and waste.

A Biogas Plant is the name of a digester which includes the processing of animal manure, farm wastes or energy crops in order to convert it into the biogas. The plant mainly generates methane, a reviewable fuel, and carbon dioxide.

Biogas Plant Feedstock

  • Energy Crops
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Industrial Waste
  • Sewage Sludge

Biogas Plant Applications

  • Generation of Electricity
  • Generation of Biofuels
  • Generation of Heat

The ROI varies from 8 to 12 month (max) based on production capacity. Furthermore, the solid residue from the Biogas plant is not included in the above comparison which is itself a profitable product used as a fertilizer in industries.

Environmentally, it is really tempting but whether it is an economical solution or not. Biogas production plant only needs a capital cost because the operating cost is equal to nothing. As the raw material contributes the major portion of the operating cost, which is however in this case, is garbage which people or farmers happily gives for free. 

So What are we waiting for?


Armaghan Ahmad

Future Freelancer & Blogger