Boruto: Good News For Fans As Mujina Bandits Arc Begins

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will have a big shift in 2020 as told by the development team. The fans were wholeheartedly waiting to know what is going to happen. So wait is over and I have a Good News for you as it is confirmed that The anime would be adapting its first arc from the manga. It is a surprising news for the fans as It took over 100 episodes for the developers to finally adopt the manga. It is also revealed that when the new episodes related to Mujina Bandits arc will begin.

The company has recently uploaded names of upcoming episodes and the story of Mujina Bandits arc is included in these. Fans will soon be able to watch the story in Boruto: Next Generations what they are long waited for. It will take a new turn in the series and it will be happening this month.

Title For New Episodes

So far, titles for episodes of 141 – 143 have been posted for fans.

Episode 141: The Ninja Prison, Houzuki Castle

Episode 142: A Test of Guts

Episode 143: The Criminals Who Targeted Kokuri

Reports from the company reveals that the adaptation of manga will be starting January 26. The episodes will be released once a week with episode 143 to be uploaded on February 9. The next question is that how long the Story of Mujina Bandits Arc will continue but at least the fans will watch what they have waited for.

The bandits story has already been praised by the fans because of its complexity and twist. Now the anime will fulfill the missing points in the manga. Boruto will encounter new friends as well as enemies in the thrilling episodes. He will be on new mission with his friends. New missions will be full of excitement and danger. Let’s see what else we will be watching in the anime.