Introduction to CAD Design, History and Future Expectations

What is Design?

Design is the study of Objects of design in their Historical & Stylistic context. The context of design history includes the Social, the Cultural, the Economic and the Technical. Design history has as its objects of study all designed objects including those of Architecture, Fashion, Crafts, Interior, Exterior, Textile, Graphic design, industrial design and Products design.

How was CAD invented?

The first CAD software was developed by IVAN SUTHERLAND in the early 1960’s. This tool was designed in 1957 by DR. PATRICK J HANRATTY, who has become known as the “Father of CAD CAM”. American IVAN SUTHERLAND invented CAD in 1961, when he described a computerized sketchpad in a doctoral thesis while attending the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge.

Today Engineers can run CAD software on personal Computers or UNIX workstations. The first generation of CAD software systems were mostly 2D drafting application   

Who started design Firm?

Our roots date back to 1978, when “David Kelley” established his design firm, “David Kelley Design (DKD).

CAD Software:

  • Auto CAD
  • Q CAD
  • Autodesk REVIT
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Solid Work
  • Solid Edge
  • CAD Work
  • Archi CAD

Advantages of CAD

  • Design physical objects in a virtual work space
  • Easy handling of design of complete project
  • Precised and accurate work
  • Increase Productivity
  • High Quality Design
  • Reuse & Easily change design
  • Easier to Read
  • Simplified Sharing

Disadvantages of CAD

  • Work can be lost because of the sudden break down of computer
  • Work is prone to viruses
  • Work Cloud is easily “Hacked”
  • High cost of purchasing software and Training of Staff

Future Expectations

Software Technology is evolving quickly, with continuous improvements. The programs are becoming essential in various sectors. This increasing use of CAD leads to revolutions, indeed these CAD programs have to be adapted to the new uses and new users they are targeting.

The benefits of 3D CAD are endless and it is real game-changers for many companies that are using it to improve their work, Products or Services. There are different was to make the most of CAD software getting a better Visualization of a project, Rendering, 3D Printing, simulations and Prototyping to give some example.

What are the next trends in CAD software?

  • Automation and Artificial intelligence.
  • Cloud based software.
  • Virtual reality, Rendering and Visualization.
  • CAD programs are now used not only by designers, Engineers, Researchers but also Surgeons and many other professionals.
  • For the Medical Sector CAD software can be useful to get an accurate visualization of a problem.
  • Take control of your manufacturing operations.


Muhammad Shafiq ur Rehman

Professional Designer