Coronavirus: What To Do At Home?

As the corona is taking over the world, more and more countries are forcing lockdowns with no sight of this pandemic coming to end. People are forced to stay inside their houses and so far, it appears to be the only way to deal with this. Now locked inside their houses, many people can’t think of what to do with their lives these days. Well, it’s a hard time and we all need to stay positive until it’s all over. If you are facing the same situation, here are a few things you can do.

Spend time with family

Blessing in disguise, this lockdown has provided us an opportunity to spend time with our parents, siblings, loved ones and children. It is a great opportunity to rewind all those childhood memories; Cricket in your courtyard, hide and seek, flipping the Ludo board when losing and those card games. And in the evening, you can sit with your loved ones in the terrace and have those deep conversations over a cup of tea.

Watch list

We all know how great were old Pakistani dramas. Accept it or not, Tanhayian, Dhoop Kinaray, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Alif noon have been on your watch lists for quite a long time. Well guess what, now you have ample time to watch these performance power houses and relive those great days of Pakistani drama industry. And if you are not a fan of dramas, you can watch seasons as well. Popcorn times is one of the platforms that allows you to watch your favorite movies and seasons without any subscription. Sit back and enjoy the show with your favorite snack.

Personal Development

Now you have the whole day to yourself, why waste it sitting idle. If you are a student and about to graduate in a year or so, it’s the perfect time to polish your skills and get ready for the job market. You can sign up for free online short courses to complement your professional education. For example, if you are an engineering student, you can go for soft skills courses, Microsoft office courses specially excel and work as this is going to be really helpful. Moreover, you can work on your CV as it is your first impression.

Spice it Up

With the lockdown enforced, many of your favorite restaurants are closed as well. The thought of those scrumptious burgers, spicy wings, buttery chicken karahi and sizzling tikkas is surely bringing water to your mouth. Well, internet is the solution to all your problems. Just go to YouTube and search your favorite food recipe. Gather all the ingredients and give your mother a day off from kitchen.