Coronavirus: The army of health workers will be trained to deliver the Covid vaccine

Coronavirus: The army of health workers will be trained to deliver the Covid vaccine

The government is considering training an army of health professionals to be ready to give the coronavirus vaccine until it is shown to work.

These can also be pharmacists, who already supply flu vaccines, obstetrics and physiotherapist.

The proposals are among fears that if safe and effective vaccines are now available, there are not enough people to administer it.

But the vaccine is not expected to be ready before Christmas.

Although the chances of a vaccine this year are considered small, preparation is underway so that when one is ready, it can be given to a large number of people very quickly.

The proposals, which will be discussed in a three-week consultation, aim to remove the tape and avoid delays between finding and prescribing vaccines to the British public.

The Health and Social Care Department said it includes training a wider range of health care workers as well as doctors and student nurses.

It can also include training among other specialists, including dentists and vets.

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All healthcare professionals will be subjected to training and supervision.

It is also expected to strengthen the powers of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to quickly launch an unlicensed vaccine if one becomes available before the new year.

The United Kingdom remains within the competence of the European Drugs Agency and the system of maneuver until the Brexit periods ending on 31 December 2020.

Professor Jonathan Van-tam, a resident, said: “If we develop potential vaccines, it is important that we make them available to patients as quickly as possible, but only when strict safety requirements are met.

“The measures today suggest ways to improve access and ensure that as many people are protected from Covid-19 and influenza without the full need to sacrifice to ensure that all vaccines used are both safe and effective,” he said.

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In addition, the Konsultasyon-na is to change the 2012 Regulasyon-ay human medicine search in ways to protect companies that manufacture and distribute vaccines if it is bad.

The goal is to prevent them from taking the risk of Government decisions introducing unlicensed vaccines to protect public health.

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