Vaccine Challenge: A Step Towards Corona Vaccination Trials

The company’s Researchers are planning to dose the first volunteer on Monday. The potential vaccine was researched and developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals. This effort has received emergency funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

A vaccine from Inovio will be second potentially coronavirus medicine to start the trial process in the US. However, the company had already tested the vaccine on animals in the mid-March.

As per company’s decision, it will enroll up to 40 healthy adult participants in the 1st phase of human trials in Philadelphia, at the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school, and in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Center for Pharmaceutical Research.

Vaccine Enrollment Process

The volunteer will be injected two doses of the vaccine in the span of four weeks. Inovio believes that the process of enrollment will soon be completed while the results will be out by late summer. If the potential vaccine provides positive results without any dangerous side effects, then the company will shift its focus towards assessing the vaccine’s efficacy against the virus.

As per current scenario, any vaccines that proves to be safe and effective against coronavirus will face a major challenge in manufacturing. No, doubt, in order to meet the demand of the vaccine if approved, the company will have to increase its production capabilities. However, increasing production is probably nothing compared to the development of effective vaccine against coronavirus pandemic.