Park Seo‑Joon New Drama “Itaewon Class” Takes The Lead

Itaewon Class‘ has a hot topic with the highest viewer rating per minute soaring to 7%. Park Seo-Jun increased the level of immersion in the drama through the fine adjustment of the performance that naturally comes and goes. The reaction to JTBC’s new gold drama ‘Itaewon Class’ is hot. The power of dense narrative, combined with the intense character, attracted viewers for a moment and attracted good acclaim.

The second rating was 5.3% nationwide and 5.6% in the Seoul metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households). The best one minute, soaring to 7.1% per minute, was the reunion of the fate of Park Sae Loi (Park Seo Joon) and Oh Sua (Kwon Nai).

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In this broadcast, the new dreams and challenges of Park Sae-Ro (Park Seo-Jun), whose life has been completely changed after the death of his father, are depicted. Park Sae-roy, who vowed revenge toward Jang Dae-hee (Yoo Jae-myung), chairman of ‘Jangjia’, opened the prelude to ‘Hot’ rebellion by entering Itaewon in seven years after his release. In particular, the power of dense narrative, added to the intense character, attracted the viewers and attracted the acclaim.

Park Saeroy’s anger was crying out to Jang Geun-won who killed her father on this day. President Jang Dae-hee concealed the truth of the case and his son’s crime, and he was given the label that Park Sae-roy was a murder convict. When he comes to the detention center and kneels again, he apologizes. “You are the ones who kneel down” Words used to keep pride, things that are not there.

If there is no gain, I’m stubborn and frugal. Afterwards, Osawa met in the prison interview room. Park Saeroy has also read a small autobiography of the president, while also dreaming of opening a shop. As soon as Osu’s question, ‘Vengeance’, his eyes began to swing. “I feel like my heart is filled with words. I want to go out quickly.”

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‘Itaewon Class’ succeeded in capturing the viewers in just two times. Park Sae-roy’s birth was perfect. Park Sae-roy’s flamed fist, pledging to live on his knees in front of the fire, gave her heartfelt empathy. Popularity is coming to Park Seo-jun, who has unleashed the charm of a reckless yet solid Park Loi with skillful acting. The confrontation with Yoo Jae-myung, who had expected, was also intense.

The confrontation between the two men standing up to each other with the windows in the reception room created a breathtaking tension. Armed with hot youth, Park Seo-jun and Yoo Jae-myung radiate cool charisma. The expectation was heightened in the hot bout of the two.

It has been 10 years since Park Saeroy, who was hotter and more fierce than anyone else. Park Se-roi’s dazzling youth 2nd act of ‘Soshin young man’, which is more solid, adds curiosity to his new dreams and challenges. The 3rd broadcast this week is expected to be full-fledged, from the notice video to Joyce (who is Kim Da-mi) who gave off his unusual presence.

Artist Views

Webtoon Artist and Writer, Cho Kwang-jin, said that he is 120% satisfied with the synchro rate between the original and the actor.

The artist who created the character knows best about the character, Cho said, “But at some point the actors thought, interpreted, and embodied their roles more than me.” I cried, but I was so happy. “

“I was originally a comic artist who was writing, drawing, and directing, so I just needed to write. But I felt embarrassed at the beginning and felt embarrassed,” he said frankly.

“I’ve serialized and commented on where the public is excited and seeing what’s good. I’m sure that’s going to be strength.”