How to Make $5,000/Month as a Freelancer From Your Home???

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Freelancing market places have grown in population and competition. Getting that first contact is a bit challenging. You really need to stand out to be considered for a job.

I would recommend doing the following:

  • Work on your profile to convey a professional, knowledgeable on what you claim you do. A good speech and showing off your certificates, work experience and your portfolio could help.
  • Lowering your hourly rate, bids and budgets to get the first interaction with prospects and then reevaluate the estimate.
  • Avoid any generic responses. Buyers simply hate non personalized answers to their requests.
  • Communication is key to convert prospects to customers on the freelance realm. Make sure you answer all questions promptly and accurately.

If you’re good on what you do, your customers will keep coming back and sending other business opportunities to you.



1) Graphic & Design

2) Digital Marketing

3) Writing & Translation

4) Video & Animation

5) Music & Audio

6) Programming & Tech

7) Business

8) Lifestyle

9) Industries


What do you need?

If you’re going to be working remotely as a freelancer, you will only need

  • A laptop
  • A Reliable Internet Connection

How it works?

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