Motion of no confidence against the Barca President Bartomeu successful

Football club Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu is in danger of losing his post after the club confirmed the success of a motion of no confidence launched by several members of the club.

More than 18,000 signatures were approved by the club, smashing by the 16,521 required to declare the motion successful. There are still some outstanding signatures that are yet to be processed, which could take the final count to close to 20,000.

By the club’s rules, a referendum on Bartomeu is then to take place. Should two-thirds of voters agree, Bartomeu would be forced out.

Jordi Farré, one of the prominent members promoting the motion, celebrated by saying “mission accomplished!”

He also told Catalan media that he thought Bartomeu would not face the referendum.

“I believe that there will not be a referendum, and that Bartomeu and his board will resign,” he said.

“I ask them that they save themselves having to face this indignity, and that they leave as soon as possible, and that they hold elections as soon as possible.”

Despite of odds against him, Bartomeu is feeling “strong” and will push aside calls to resign, even as his presidency is in peril after a motion of no confidence against him was confirmed successful by FC Barcelona. That’s the reporting in Catalonia as the motion of no confidence continues to send shockwaves through the club.

The motion was submitted with more than 20,000 signatures, of which the club has already approved over 18,000, much more than the 16,521 required to deem it successful.

Now, a referendum will be called in which two-thirds of the vote is needed to force Bartomeu out.

Some have called for Bartomeu to resign rather than face the indignity of a recall election, but he has so far rebuffed the idea and, it seems, will continue doing so.

Catalan TV reports Bartomeu is more committed to continuing in his post than he was a few days ago, although the same cannot be said for all of his board. At least three executives are said to be considering tending their resignations.

There is expected to be a meeting next week in which resignations will be discussed.