New Planets discovered called as ”Super-Puff” found to be Less Dense Than Cotton Candy

These new planets have been discovered in the Kepler 51 star system.

Researchers have claimed that that these new confirmed the existence of three new planets know as ‘super-puff” have very low density or very low mass to volume ratio. Kepler 51, a young solar-type star is orbiting these new low density planets which were first discovered by NASA’s Kepler space telescope. These new discovered planets are heavier than Earth, or in other sense, having much less density compared to our planet.

“The Featureless Transmission Spectra of Two Super-Puff Planets” at University of colarado Boulder was the one who found these supper puffs planets first anfd wrote a research paper about it, which is going to be published soon in The Astronomical Journal. These three new less dense or in other words super-puff planets are given names as Kepler-51b, Kepler-51c, and Kepler-51d. The interesting thing is their densities which are actually lower than cotton candy or even less than and are lowest dense planets according to the NASA Exoplanet Archive.

“We knew they were low density. But when you picture a Jupiter-sized ball of cotton candy—that’s really low density”, said Jessica Libby-Roberts, a graduate student in the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences (APS) at the University of Colorado Boulder. These super-puffs contain no sign of water molecules as said in a press release. 

These new discoveries or planets are 2400 light years away from earth and are considering to be new type of planets compared to the planets discovered so far.