New Years’ Protest Worsens in Hong Kong after Arrests made on Wednesday

Protests and arrests continue in Hong Kong even on New Year’s Day. It was reported that 400 people were taken into custody on January 1st, 2020. Tens of Thousands march into Hong Kong streets for a peaceful pro-democracy protest which converted into a chaotic one when police started tear gas on the crowds to disperse them.


As per report, about 7,000 people have been arrested since the beginning of protests in June over withdrawn bill that would allow the extraditions to mainland China. Although the bill was already withdrawn on last October due to the sparked months of protests but the protests did not stop. The tension further increased on New Year’s day due to the arrests made in Wan Chai Bar District near HSBC, a branch of banking group, in which the frequents protests were seen recently. After the arrest, a number of black-cad protesters rushed into the scene to defend the arrest one while remaining people made the human chain in order to provide those bricks to defend themselves. The crowds dispersed and called off early as the police started water cannon.


Press release from Police emphasized that the arrests were due to the offences made including having deadly weapons.  Few protesters accused the HSBE for the arrests as they were trying to raise money for the democratic campaign. However, the bank denies such statements. It is being feared by Critics that Chinese Communist party of China would use forces to end the protests which were worsened the situation in the region.