Samsung S11 Launching On February 11 as Company Confirms

The wait is over as the Samsung finally disclosed the release date of Samsung S11. As per Samsung, S11 will be displayed on Tuesday, February 11. It is sill rumored the Samsung Foldable phone will make a debut on S11 launch event but nothing have been confirmed from the Authorities. Unpacking of Samsung S11 will take place in San Francisco at 11 am Pacific Time on the given date. The event will copy the launching ceremony of Galaxy S10 last year.

Samsung is coming bit slow in 2020 with the release of only three android categories of S11 instead of four compared to the trend of previous years. It is indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will receive no sequel instead Samsung will use S11 as a sequel with Galaxy S20 numbering scheme in it.  Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will may make an entry alongside S11 if the Samsung has sorted out the malfunctioning or issues of Galaxy Fold already. Otherwise, we have to wait more or else we get any news from the Company.

S11 Specifications

It is expected that the S11 will include a base model, a S11 Plus model and an Ultra model but nothing confirmed yet from the sources. If the rumor gets true than all three models might be powered by Samsung Exynos Chipset or the Snapdragon 865 Chipset or will be region dependent. Samsung S11 will be available for purchase at the end of February or early if the previous year schedule is kept in mind. Samsung released its first phone of the year on March 8 in 2019.

The new S11 might add new flip style design like Motor Razr in its latest release or might get mini-tablet like design but all these queries will be answered on February 11.