Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Ends With Rey Got The Protection of BB-8

The most awaited trilogy of Ninth Start War Series comes to an end. The heroine of the trilogy travels to Tatooine with her unexpected droid friend BB-8 in its last mission. However, the Rey was not the real owner of the droid but it is still unclear why she got the droid. BB-8 was originally belonged to Skilled Pilot, Poe Dameron. He was the emerging hero in the fight against the First Order. BB-8 often went with him in his mission as a co-pilot.

In the 2nd film of the trilogy, The force Awakens, Rey and Finn was aligned with BB-8. The droid played an important role for the Resistance in order to save his teammates by using its supportive skills. Furthermore, the droid was also seen assisting Finn and Jannah during the Battle of Exegol.

Why BB-8 is with Rey?

No doubt, Rey and BB-8 was very close to each other during the trilogy but Let’s check out the appropriate reasons.

  • Rey was the one who rescued BB-8 when it was captured by a scavenger on Jakku.
  • The time when Rey and  BB-8 were not together, Rey was continuously missed him and awaiting for his return as his true friend.
  • BB-8 was also taken In the final battle in the skywalker Saga and played a crucial rule in providing different tools.