The Witcher Series: Who Played the SMARTEST CHARACTER?

The Netflix’s Series “The Witcher” has received amazing response from the views and the next season has also been announcedLet’s recap the series and find out who which of the major character played a smartest role and which made dump decisions.


Geralt of Ricia, played by Henry Cavill, is the main character in the series however he could not be declared as smartest one.  He is not exactly known for his wise decisions both in the books and in the video games. He is careless, impulsive and runs more on sympathy and feelings than rationale in spite of the fact that witchers cannot feel anything.

His rash conduct put him in troublesome circumstance and about expense Geralt his life many occasions over from the Striga whom he ought to have died as well notwithstanding Triss Merigold to the experience with the fiends. Fortunately, destiny itself appears to look out for Geralt and lends him some luck every once in a while. Where Geralt exceeds expectations in smarts is his judgment of individuals and how he picks his companions.


One of the Geralt’ friend, Jaskier is not that much different when it comes to wisdom. It is probably the reason that those two got along perfectly during the series. Anyway, Jaskier possesses nothing meaningful in terms of strength or physical skill. However; his plan making skill is good enough which assist Geralt in his journey. Oftentimes, Jaskier tends to misuse this intellect for bedding noble lords’ wives and daughters.

In any case, there’s no uncertainty that Jaskier’s social insight and business sharpness have made his and Geralt’s life somewhat better. From creating an extremely appealing song which fundamentally attracts people to think Geralt as a good Withcer. In addition, discussions with the troubadour are continually engaging and interesting, more so in the books than in the show.


Ciri isn’t exactly the Lady of Space and Time that the games presented at this time. She’s at her most youthful and generally helpless in the first season of the show, which means regardless she has a long way to go before she can confront more serious threats of the world. In any case, for her age, Ciri’s showcase of autonomy and insight is admirable.

In the limited capacity to focus time she went through with the Brokilon dryads and with her elf friend, Dara, Ciri turned out to be progressively mindful of her cruel surroundings. She also outsmarted a proficient Doppler with questions. Doubtlessly, she will be grown more intellectual in the future with Geralts’ training.


Like others, Yennefer has discovered that freedom comes at a colossal and awful expense. In her childhood, she had no control over her life. Her life went through a transformation when Tissaia de Vries, a powerful mage, bought her and took her. This transformed a frail girl into a callous and sophisticated woman.

By that point in her life, Yennefer had no qualms about using people to her advantage but remained loyal to her magic circle. Having earned political experience and knowledge through her royal advisor career, Yennefer is also a respectable strategist and plotter; underneath that facade, however, is sincere concern for her friends and innocents.


Who do you think played a Smartest Role?