US Ally Israel Poisoning The Gaza Water

After Starvation, Diseases, poverty and medical neglect Israel planned to poisoning young generations of Gaza. The population of the Gaza strip has crossed 2 million and half of them are under 18. According to United Nations report 97% of the Gaza’s water is undrinkable and only 10% of the total population have access to the clean water.


This is clearly a real threat of genocide towards the people of Gaza. The most painful fact is the people of Gaza are already aware of such a threat but forced to allow their kids to drink that poison. Under the illegal occupation of Israel, The official shows no interest towards this very serious issue.  

Zionists Government argues that Gaza is not specifically in their occupation but they control the population registry, Imports and exports, territorial waters, Airspace and the armistice lines that are a so called border of Israel. Israel has monopoly in electrical supplies to Gaza. Israel has left the people of Gaza to dye showing the word that it has no concern in this regard.

Total water control of Gaza was one of the first imposed war strategy after forced occupation. As per Oxfam, “less than four per cent of freshwater (in Gaza) is drinkable and the encompassing ocean is contaminated by sewage”. Oxfam analysts concluded that water contamination is hazardously connected to a sensational increase in kidney issues within the Gaza Strip.

The power shortage moreover anticipates the Strip’s sewage treatment plants from working, permitting untreated sewage water to stream straightforwardly into the sea. The sewage comes to the adjoining Israeli coastal cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod, but to begin with it contaminates Gaza’s beaches.