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Get Help From Chemists, Regulators, and Amazon Cosmetics Professionals based in the EU & UK for the pre-assessed formulations, safety assessment, Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), Product Information File (PIF) and the regulation of the cosmetic products in UK/SCPN & EU/CPNP.


Our skilled professionals will support your cosmetics business through their rich and diverse experience.


We provide complete documentation and regulation of cosmetics with custom pricing and cost-competitive solutions to our customers.

Turnaround Time

We ensure that the project delivery time is systematic and the output reaches the customer as per the agreed timeline.


We ensure to meet our customers for most strenuous and unique requirements every time successfully.


Organic / Inorganic Formulations
R&D Development
Packaging Design

EU/UK Regulations

Safety Data Sheet (SDS, MSDS)
Safety Assessment
Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)
Product Information File (PIF)


Virtual Assistant
Private Label
Account Suspension
Ungating Restricted Categories

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